Building smart, secure & scalable web, mobile and data solutions. We help organizations build innovative ideas, IP, products, services & solutions from concept to launch to growth. We are a technology consultancy and development partner delivering smart, scalable and secure solutions for cloud, mobile & data. UVision partners with innovative clients from startups to small businesses to enterprises to help define, create and grow next generation technology and solutions.


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We help customers assess needs, map out potential solutions and develop plans for execution.


  • "We have worked with Omar's team for 18 months and are pleased with the work so far for TechMATCH, a SaaS-based matchmaking platform that can be used for vendor management, enterprise innovation knowledge management or if populated with qualified buyers and sellers a great business relationship exchange platform. These guys jumped in when we had immediate needs and dedicated his time to helping us reach our objectives. They appreciated that we cannot be happy unless our customers are happy, and our relationship has been based on customer satisfaction."

    Roger London
    Founder & CEO, TechMatch

  • "If you want to launch your business, or take it to the next level, when it comes to getting your message out, professionally and powerfully and creating a coherent brand and business strategy you want these guys on your team. Unquestionable integrity and highly responsive and customer focused."

    Margie Warrell
    Forbes Columnist, Bestselling Author, Media Contributor, Leadership Coach & Keynote Speaker

  • "UVision's commitment to helping us build the best product comes through every time. They’re a great partner & invaluable. Omar has been a remarkable friend and ally to for years. He has played a critical role in the early incarnation of the site, and has taken primary development responsibility for the current site. His business and technical ideas, capabilities and ability to decrease operating costs have been irreplaceable! Omar is a lifesaver!"

    Todd Friedman, COO, CIO of UMG, CISO at Mattel

  • "Since the beginning of the process to post-launch, the team at UVision has been outstanding. They listened to our ideas and used their creativity and expertise to expand upon those ideas. I'm impressed with the quality of work and would recommend UVision to any company, business or organization."

    Ed Nuttall, Managing Partner, BHNL Law Firm
  • Gryphn is a new DC-based startup focused on security and privacy innovations for mobile phones from messaging to enterprise solutions. Gryphn’s first patent-pending product, ArmorText, enables SMS encryption with simplicity.

    Gryphn’s founders have consulted with us on platform development including web, mobile and back end infrastructure as well as web strategy, product management, technology solutions and enterprise integration.

  • Pavé Jewelers, had been looking for an overhaul to their brand online as well as strategic vision for differentiating his brand from all competitors. Pavé tasked us with a challenge to find a solution for their new online brand vision by using Magento and WordPress. We helped Pavé over multiple iterations to build a scalable web platform for marketing and blogging using WordPress with a dedicated channel for Magento store which also features a unique “Try Before You Buy” ring trial period module we built as well as a full diamond browser UX interface to allow a seemless browsing and purchasing experience for Pave clients.

    Pave Jewelers
  • Pear Analytics required custom PHP development as well including automated testing and a scalable sessions architecture to comply with managed hosting providers as well as a fully automated Chargify API subscription management integration to build a lightweight custom plan building user experience for new Pear customers to purchase plans with for SEO and PPC packages.

    Ryan Kelly, CEO Pear Analytics


UVision is a technology development company delivering smart, scalable and secure solutions for cloud, mobile & big data. We have managed the development of over 100 technology projects across range of platforms, industries & verticals. We've helped clients develop technology, IP, improve execution and build full products from concept to launch to growth.

We enable agility & execution maturity for early stage ventures and small to medium sized organizations by aligning tailored recommendations prior to investment into execution thereby optimizing product & development focus to yield higher ROI & value. We provide CTO/Advisory service as well as solution architecture expertise across broad spectrum of technologies, industries and standards to businesses, leaders & enterprises seeking better processes & systems in addition to engineering execution. For over 10 years, we've been working with our client's to solve problems and grow their vision. Our global team leverages diverse skill sets and capabilities and has worked with brands from startups to enterprises in the Washington, DC metro area, North America and abroad. We like to work for people who are trying new things, working on a human scale, and have passion for quality.

Our clients & projects have been featured by leading media outlets including Forbes, NYTimes, Washington Post, VentureBeat, Inc500, FastCompany, CNN, NBC & ABC. They include government agencies, defense contractors, federal contractors, enterprises, entrepreneurs, bootstrapped and funded startups, angel investors, VCs, thought leaders, bloggers, non-profit leaders, news sites, consulting firms, marketing agencies, small businesses, non-profits, law firms & top musicians.


We enable agility & execution maturity for early stage ventures and small to medium sized organizations by aligning tailored recommendations prior to investment into execution thereby optimizing product & development focus to yield higher ROI & value.

If you're looking for a custom designed and developed web, mobile or data application or solution, we can help you reach your goals.


From idea on the whiteboard to working code, we help with inception, specs, design, code, servers, deployment and testing.


You have an idea, but need precision refinement and execution to assess feasibility and viability.


Based on years of working with the best standards and amazing customers, we can provide 360-degree coverage with tailored recommendations on your business vision, team and project.



De-Risk Your Business. We help companies rapidly benchmark and evaluate business, team & process risks. 



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