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Our focus is on your business and your customers.

For over 10 years, we've been working with our client's to solve problems and grow their vision. Our global team leverages diverse skill sets and capabilities and has worked with brands from startups to enterprises in DC, the US and abroad. We like to work for people who are trying new things, working on a human scale, and have passion for quality. Our team has helped many organizations.



If you're looking for a custom designed and developed web, mobile or data application or solution, we can help you reach your goals. Count on us to work out the details with you and to help you execute better: the process (agile), the medium (web, mobile, desktop), the time (ASAP), the technology (PHP, Ruby on Rails, Javascript, Objective C, Android, .NET).

From vision to launch, we can help you tailor and optimize the right solution that works for your idea and requirements.


We apply the right people and the right tools at the right time for the right development services, managed hosting and support and maintenance.


We can help audit, secure, overhaul, benchmark, optimize and recommend solutions for your technology or application hosting.


With best practices, agile tools, automation and functional and acceptance testing built into our development process, we reduce profit loss when your software isn’t working & maintenance costs eating up project budgets.

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UVision Consulting LLC is a privately held Virginia corporation founded in 2004, consisting of a global, creative and multi-talented team comprised of project managers, solution architects, designers, engineers, and testers, based in the DC Metro area and throughout the world. We at UVision proudly serve clients globally as a technology consultancy and development partner building next-gen web, mobile & data solutions. We also provide select customers extended engineering team scalability in offshore regions such as South America, Europe and Asia as well as dedicated expert teams and resources in North America.

I founded UVision Consulting over 10 years ago to help innovative businesses bring together the right people to create game changing cloud, web, mobile and data solutions. Everything we do is focused on helping businesses better envision and hit their target results.

Omar Uddin

Founder & CEO

Omar Uddin is the CEO and Founder of UVision Consulting. Drawing from his extensive background in emerging technologies and experience in multiple programming languages, platforms, architectures and projects in many industries, Omar has helped define UVision's management and technology consulting approach. For more than a decade, UVision has executed this approach to benefit clients achieve greater results across key metrics for user traction and conversion. Omar has helped hundreds of companies adopt web & cloud technology, develop mobile strategies and integrate marketing technology to accelerate results in the private and public sector as well as in business and customer performance. Omar's work and results feature clients both small and large. Formerly Founder and CTO at a few startups and product lead of a few acquired startups, Omar has a background in software architecture and electrical engineering, with interests into music, language, design, computer science, and artificial intelligence. Omar helped earn a White House award for work on ocean conservation and awareness in 2008. LinkedIn, Twitter