What We Do

For over 10 years, we've been working with our client's to solve problems and grow their vision. We help companies launch successful applications faster. We build products customers want. Our team can help you get started, get built, get launched, get customers and keep them coming back. We provide assessments, guidance and execution to help our clients achieve results. Our focus is on you & your customers.


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Our Approach

Helping businesses systemize, innovate and build products customers want for over 10 years.

Vision to Launch

Vision to Value

From idea on the whiteboard to working code, we help with inception, specs, design, code, servers, deployment and testing.

We won’t bore you with the details unless you love details with benefit of just in time execution.

Agile Development

The benefits of Agile Development

You have an idea, but need precision refinement and execution to assess feasibility and viability.

In a few weeks rather than months, get functional code leading to a first MVP.

Gap Analysis

Launch Review

Based on years of working with the best standards and amazing customers, we can provide 360-degree coverage with tailored recommendations on your business vision, team and project.

Gap analysis, assessments, knowledge, execution audits, benchmarks, reviews, optimizations, best practices, you name it.

Who We Are

Our globally distributed team leverages diverse skillsets and capabilities and has worked with brands from startups to enterprises in DC, the US and abroad. We like to work for people who are trying new things, working on a human scale, and have passion for quality.

We help you reach your business goals. Period. Leave it to us to work out the rest: the process (agile), the medium (web, mobile), the time (ASAP), the technology (PHP, Ruby on Rails, iPhone/iPad, Google Android). Don’t take our word for it. More than 100 clients worked with, over the past 10 years, say this.

Omar Uddin

Founder & CEO
Entrepreneur / Consultant / Inventor

I founded UVision over 10 years ago to help businesses bring together the right people to create game changing cloud, web, mobile and data solutions. Everything we aim to do is to focused on helping businesses better envision and hit their target results.

LinkedIn, @omaruddin

The right tools
for the right job
at the right time.

The benefits of Right Tools

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What is the most important concern you have in selecting a partner for your new web or mobile app project?
  • Pricing within my budget
  • Help selecting best options for solutions
  • Most qualified people handling my project
  • Ongoing needs including more resource capabilities
  • Help me clarify my vision, roadmap and needs