Sprint 0
Starts at $25,000 for 1 month
Initial planning stage agile engagement comes with team required for cross functional team, with solution architecture planning and road mapping with best practices and ideal applicable agile models.
Provides initial stage of 1 sprint for backlog definition for Sprint 1 and roadmap for beyond. The team helps your business, crystalize vision, polish design, define priorities & define the right solutions to profoundly impact your project.
The team strives for “Definition of Done” for a Sprint 0 goal working on Project Planning Roadmap with Milestones & Phases.
Exact agile sprint length defined as 1 month. Exact team to be determined before Sprint 1 start. **Ideally do this process with the team that will do Sprint 1 and beyond to get ideal planning and workload estimation.
**Initial call required to determine team needs and alignment on approach, constraints, risks & goals.
Sprint 1..X
Starts at $25,000 per month (3 mo. min)
Distributed, onshore and offshore remote cross functional agile engagement team required by Ideal team defined in Sprint 0.
Minimum of 3 months engagement with dedicated team model.
Team Leads work with client Product Owner to implement vision and framework for an advanced custom built project (mobile, web, API, big data, data science, security) and custom scalable software architecture and technology infrastructure solutions.

Full Agile Team includes ideal professionals covering key roles required by client and project roadmap.

  • Solution Architect or Team Lead Engineer
  • UX Designer
  • Business Analyst
  • Agile Project Manager
  • and more for Sprint 1 and beyond

Sprint 0 is “Defined Done” when:

  • Project Charter ready (containing vision, stakeholders, approach, etc.)
  • Project Backlog ready (prioritized and estimated requirements)
  • Team ready (who is going to work on the project)
  • Architecture Overview done (applications and data/communication flow)
  • High-level schedule / burn-down chart ready
  • High-level business case ready