If you need recommendations for your project, product or business, work with our experts or services & capabilities working alongside you to help you build technical & competitive advantages through smart, scalable and secure next generation solutions enabling your vision into reality with more than just the sum of one person!


Roadmap your tech, dev, and team
Find what’s wrong and fix
Help find your gaps, risks & blindspots
Guide projects & team on right path
Assess IT resources
Enhance capabilities
Strategy and implementation planning
Build your platforms
Optimize your platforms
Harden your platforms
Build technical advantages


Some amazing companies we’ve had the pleasure to work with.

  • “Omar is the guy you want on your team when it comes to getting your message out, professionally and powerfully and creating a coherent brand and business strategy. He provided me with invaluable advice regarding social media and back end support to help me share my message and build my brand more effectively and efficiently. He also has unquestionable integrity and is highly responsive and customer focused.”

    Margie Warrell
    Speaker, Author, Forbes Columnist
  • “Smart and gets things done.”

    Allen Louison
  • “Instrumental.”

    Paul Venne
    Founder & CEO of VenneSolutions, Inc. & PerformanceTrak
  • “Omar worked with 4FrontSecurity to augment the software development effort. He provided the needed expertise to complete the work to a high quality and on-time.”

    Chris Parker
    Co-Founder & CEO, 4Front Security acquired by Symantec
  • “Their work is outstanding and they are good friends of AFF.”

    Deanna Lutz
    Former Director of Operations, Alice Ferguson Foundation
  • “Awesome.”

    Ralph Cavallero
    Founder & CEO, NEW REACH CONSULTING, Former VP of UMG
  • “These guys jumped in when we had immediate needs and dedicated time to helping us reach our objectives.”

    Roger London
    Founder & CEO, TechMatch & American Security Challenge
  • “UVision’s commitment to helping us build the best product comes through every time. We’ve reduced burn rates by 90% and increased profit margins. They’re a great partner & invaluable!”

    Todd Friedman
    Board Member, CISO ResMed, Formerly CISO of UMG, CISO of Mattell,
  • “From start of the process to post-launch, UVISION has been outstanding. They listened to our ideas & used their creativity & expertise to expand upon those ideas. I would recommend UVision to any company, business or organization.”

    Ed Nuttall
    Managing Partner, BHNL Law Firm
  • “The UVision team is knowledgeable, accommodating, and professional.”

    Stephen Taylor
    Angel Investor, VC, Founder & Managing Partner, District Ventures


We enable agility & maturity for early stage ventures, small businesses and enterprises seeking digital transformation by aligning tailored recommendations prior to investment to yield higher value and return on investment.


From idea on the whiteboard to working code, we can help with inception, business analysis, needs analysis, solution mapping, specs, design, code, servers, deployment, quality, scalability & security.


You have an idea, but need precision refinement or questions answered to assess feasibility and viability or you already have existing investments, teams and platform but need better strategies, processes and capabilities to succeed.


Based on years of working with the best standards & technologies, we can provide 360-degree coverage with tailored recommendations on your business, team and project.

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We are a technology development company developing next generation technologies and a solutions provider providing transformative solutions and services to clients spanning from small businesses to enterprises to government.

At UVision, we help organizations leverage next generation technologies as an accelerator for growth. We work as a technology advisor and outsourced development partner for the public and private sector from startups to enterprises bringing digital expertise from solution architecture, scaling, security, testing, cloud infrastructure & life-cycle management. We help organizations build innovative solutions, solve problems, capture & analyze data, enhance productivity, gain business intelligence, improve bottom line, mitigate risks & be more resilient.

We’ve helped develop solutions in industries such as B2B, B2G, B2C, fin-tech, legal, e-discovery, health care, education, e-learning, retail, e-commerce, m-commerce, kiosk, hospitality, travel, real estate, transportation, infrastructure, construction, oil and gas, manufacturing, nonprofit, marketing, social media, music & entertainment.

We’re partnered with Microsoft, IBM and others. We also support Google, AWS, Azure and other platforms.

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