• Overview

    UVision is a technology company smart, scalable and secure solutions, managed services & consulting driving results for businesses building custom data, web, mobile, cloud technology.  At UVision, we focus on helping innovative clients from startups to small businesses to enterprises to help define, create and grow next generation technology and solutions. We build innovative solutions to make sense of data, enhance productivity, improve bottom line, mitigate risks and be more resilient along with full application life-cycle management. We deliver superior capabilities for clients including agile development, data science, managed services and consulting for small to large organizations. We help you engage your customers across a broad and ever-growing digital ecosystem that includes interactive applications, mobile, social media, search, video, media, sensors & Internet of Things (IoT) platforms.

  • What We Do

    We help small and large organizations build innovative products, services & solutions from concept to launch to growth. We help you make sense of data and develop intelligent and usable technology solutions. We’ve developed multiple proprietary IP, methods, solutions & products. We also help clients do the same through advisory services, consulting and managed services.

    For solution development, we provide agile engagements from 1 developer to a full distributed team tailored to your project along with managed services, consulting & technology solutions. We are partnered with Microsoft, Rackspace, Google, Heroku, WPEngine, CloudFlare & many more. We can provide clients with Javascript, Rails, Python, PHP, Java, .NET, C++, C#, Android, Objective C, Swift and other development capabilities.

  • Results

    We’ve developed and integrated solutions for organizations in mission critical sectors such as defense, homeland security and public services and for enterprises such as intranet, secure mobile communications, e-commerce, m-commerce, e-learning, asset management, risk management, gap analysis assessments & business intelligence. We’ve also developed solutions in legal, e-discovery, regulated industries, transportation, health care, marketing, kiosk, hospitality, travel, real estate, nonprofit & entertainment.

  • Approach

    We provide CTO/Advisory service as well as solution architecture expertise across a broad spectrum of technologies, industries and standards to businesses, leaders & enterprises seeking better processes & systems in addition to engineering execution.  After 12 years designing and building technology products and services, the UVision team has used and leverages many methods and solutions that help create successful companies. We help companies avoid common issues in early-stage businesses, and actively help mitigate risks along the way.


    We analyze your strategic goals with your requirements to deliver a development roadmap.

    We audit your needs & create plans for near-term value & long term development.

    We use lean & agile methods to realize value incrementally while ensuring teams are accountable.

  • Focus

    For over 12 years, we’ve been working with our client’s to solve problems and grow their vision. Our globally distributed team leverages diverse skill-sets and capabilities and has worked with brands from startups to enterprises in DC, the US and abroad. We like to work for people who are trying new things, working on a human scale, and have passion for quality.

    We help companies launch successful applications faster.
    We build products customers want.
    Our team can help you get started, get built, get launched, get customers and keep them coming back.
    We provide assessments, guidance and execution to help our clients achieve results.
    Our focus is on you & your customers.

  • History

    UVision Consulting (UVISION) is a technology solutions and consulting company with a data driven culture, consultative approach and multiple core competencies to create value and deliver lasting results for our clients. Founded over 12 years ago, UVISION is committed to delivering the best & most cost effective solutions, providing our clients with efficient business solutions, consulting, extended capabilities & agile engagement teams. Founded in 2004 in Virginia, UVISION delivers intelligent, interactive & innovative solutions helping our clients achieve their vision. UVISION specializes in agile and business-focused solutions aiming to improve business and society solving problems with design, engineering and data science. These strengths enable our clients to make better decisions & bring better data-driven products to their consumers.


Serial Entrepreneurs
C-Suite Executives
Angel Investors
Grammy Award Winning Artists
Top Bollywood Artists
Thought Leaders
Forbes Columnists
Academic Experts
Best Selling Authors
Influential Bloggers
Law Firms
Marketing Agencies

Government Contractors
Government Agencies
Software Companies
Tech Startups
Inc500 Companies
Venture Capitalists
Venture Funds
Small Businesses
Top Web Domains
Top News Sites
Media Companies



Omar Uddin, CEO of UVision

Omar Uddin is the Founder, CEO and Chief Visionary of UVISION. Omar is a technology executive, inventor, advisor, technologist, open source advocate & entrepreneur with a successful track record of building innovative solutions from idea to implementation. Connect with him on Twitter and LinkedIn.

"I founded UVISION over 14 years ago to help businesses bring together the right people to create game-changing cloud, interactive, web, mobile and data solutions. Everything we aim to do is focused on helping businesses better envision, execute and accelerate results."


B2B & B2G
Government, Defense
Enterprise / IT
E-commerce, Retail, Legal, SMB
Supply Chain
Health Care
Assessment, E-learning, HR
Manufacturing, Transportation
Robotics, Nanotechnology
Real Estate
Travel, Entertainment
Startups & Venture capital


We create value in every vision by using our knowledge and experience to give clients new options and choices to

Prepare to Obtain capital.
Grow your team.
Build market visibility.
Increase revenue.
Prepare for Exit.
Build sales channels.
Enter new markets.
Develop new products.
Optimize your products.
Optimize your business.
Improve operating margins.
Answers to tough questions.


web presence
web platforms
content management & publishing
multilingual sites
e-commerce sites & apps
event & conference management
portals & online communities
intranets & extranets
enterprise software
e-learning and assessment solutions
compliance management solutions
performance management systems
program management and reporting solutions
records management
activity tracking
business intelligence dashboards
custom enterprise architectures and integrations
Health care EDI/EDD data integration and conversion systems
e-discovery forensic data extraction algorithms
parallel processing and high-performance computing
semantic web ontology information systems
artificial intelligence
data and market analytics
2d/3d visualization systems
big data, data science and data visualization
real-time multi-spectral sensor based sensor platforms
IoT platforms, services and products
secure supply chain audit tracking systems
secure messaging applications