If you’ve ever developed anything significant or worked with developers, there’s a tremendous value in versioning every change to your software code especially when working in teams. There are plenty of source code repository technologies out there like SVN, Mercurial, TFS and many others.

Linux was made on git and it’s driving a significant amount of open source projects today especially on networks like github.com. We’ve switched our projects to git and haven’t looked back. We use it to version, manage, build, deploy and continuously integrate websites, web apps and even mobile apps.

We thought it would be helpful to share some useful posts on git usage written on the blogosphere as there are some awesome things git can do for you if you learn how to use it properly. Also if you’re not familiar with distributed version control systems then there is a bit of a learning curve for some people.

Check out the following posts to learn more about how to adopt git for your projects.

Cheat Sheets

Git Strategies and Workflows

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