Omar Uddin, Founder of UVision, is proud to announce the acceptance of the “Coastal America 2007 Partnership Award”, presented by President George W. Bush to partners of the “Thank You Ocean” campaign on Jan 22, 2008. Founded in 1991 by former President George H.W. Bush, The Coastal America Partnership established the Coastal America Partnership Awards Program to recognize outstanding team efforts to restore and protect the coastal environment. Mr. Uddin said “We are excited for the opportunity to participate in this campaign to help protect and raise awareness of the coastal treasures of the United States.”

UVision would like to congratulate all members of the California “Thank You Ocean” campaign in winning the Coastal America 2007 Partnership Award and for their continued work to restore and protect our Nation’s coastal environment.

In a letter to the campaign partners, President George W. Bush wrote, “My Administration remains committed to protecting our coastal environment, and we are proud to work with State and local governments, the private sector, and non-profit organizations to ensure the effective conservation of our national treasures. Your dedicated efforts help keep America beautiful for future generations and build a cleaner, safer, and healthier environment for people everywhere.”


“Thank You Ocean”, also known as the California Public Ocean Awareness Campaign, is a statewide campaign organized by NOAA National Marine Sanctuary Program and the State of California Resources Agency. With over 200 communications professionals in ocean-related organizations, agencies and businesses, the team works together to “create a strong voice for the ocean in California.” The project used sophisticated marketing strategies and tools to deliver a contemporary approach to our environmental problems, from the elegant graphics of its signature logo and billboards, to the high impact imagery of the PSAs. “Thank You Ocean” created a coordinated, polished message designed to instill a sense of personal connection and responsibility for our ocean and coast.

Starting June 2007, UVision has been a technology partner of the campaign and is responsible for managing web development and operation of it’s web platform.

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