RISK INTEL™ is the world’s first Regulatory Intelligence solution and platform to intelligently map & audit global risks, regulations & standards compliance for organizations small and large.

RISK INTEL™ is also partnered with IBM Open Pages and GRC product platforms.

By implementing an end-to-end intelligent regulatory compliance framework, you can:

• Gain visibility, control and decision support.
• Reduce fines, penalties and reputation risk from non-compliance.
• Maintain compliance across multiple regulations and your enterprise.
• Improve operational efficiency.
• Reduce the cost of compliance.

RISK INTEL™ and related products and solutions are designed for small and large regulated industries and providing smart compliance capabilities and solutions for financial, legal, cyber security, health and other sectors.

Compliance Infrastructure Management, Regulatory/Standards Compliance and Mapping, Regulatory/Standards Content, IT/IS Governance, Security and Risk, Risk Management, Control Infrastructure Management, ISO/IEC Standards, and Business Continuity Management

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