Our world continues to change in many ways. We have many new ways of visualizing our planet and it’s changes. This is an embedded version of Google Earth Engine that allows custom Remote Sensing analysis, satellite imaging technology and geospatial data sets in real-time at planetary scale.

You’ll have to request access to do your own analysis but the following is a timelapse replay of any part of earth over 30 years which is what the current dataset is limited to. In addition, different spectrums and bands of data can be manipulated and built into an application.

In the past, research scientists would use expensive enterprise GIS and geospatial desktop and server software but now with the power of the Cloud and Google Earth Engine API and other Google APIs and any other data sets we have, we can build more intelligent solutions that leverage Big Data and artificial intelligence to solve problems due to impacts due to extreme weather conditions, natural disasters and many other applications such as water monitoring.

This is from Google Earth Engine webpage:

The global timelapse video shows changes to our planet visible from Landsat satellite imagery.

The video has one frame per year. Each frame is a 1.7-terapixel snapshot of the entire Earth, generated from 30-meter resolution Landsat images. Landsat collects new imagery over each location in the world about once every two weeks. Using Earth Engine’s analysis platform, each year’s worth of images was combined into a single cloud-free, per-pixel composite for that year.

Timelapse is an example that illustrates the power of Earth Engine’s cloud-computing model. The platform can be used for other types of analysis as well.